How to make a chemical bomb

A few reviewers even noted that it worked great for smoke bombs!
Do not stay in the cloud or try to chemical inhale it deliberately.
This will take less than 15 minutes so keep a constant watch over your mixture.Put on gloves or hand mittens before bomb you bomb handle the pack.Note: You are chemical of chemical course playing with fire for this experiment, so be prepared and be safe.Cook the mixture chemical over medium-low heat, stirring along the way.A bucket of water (or fire extinguisher) is good to have on hand, and when lighting the bomb, use protective eyewear and some sort of breathing make filter/mask.For portability, simply fold the foil sides chemical in, chemical and tuck it away into a backpack or glove compartment.You can use you regular store bought food coloring, or something else along those lines.Take three large tablespoons of dye any color dye that youd like and mix it into your saucepan.Pack it evenly to the top.Dont go wrecking one of your existing skillets by making a smoke bomb.At this point you can also stir in a couple tablespoons of a powdered, organic dye to add color to your smoke.Baking soda can cause a chemical reaction, be careful when mixing it into your mixture.Stir in baking soda.Pour the mixture into your aluminum container. 4, replace the pen.
Continuously stir the mixture over low heat.
Always take proper precautions.
Keep your bomb filled tube away from any possible ignition sources.Stir the mixture continuously until it browns, or for about 15 minutes.For example, you can find Saltpeter at garden shops.We use cookies chemical to make wikiHow great.2 2, let the mixture cook.While it is still hot and pliable, fill your tube with the mixture, push a pen into the middle, and let it harden for 1 hour.Know your local laws about fireworks/smoke bombs.By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube.