How to make a character sheet

I sheet recommend keeping that page around/less than a page long, so its all nice, organized, and quick.
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And if you have any questions about the process, ask below!
Only keep the most cards important bits.
In my example, Ive used a black pen and all-caps letters for the categorization and a gray pen for the answers.Write this typeface out design nice and big across the top of make your character sheet.If a character doesnt have a name, design I cant develop them end of make story.Then return to your piece of paper and tape the top end of the tabs down.Should I work on creating them all at once, or one sheet at a time?This line is about pinning down what it is the character tries to hide (which will, of course, be exposed and challenged in the course of the story).So, say were going to split it into three acts, the way Doug TenNapel does in this video.The hologram basic formula goes: Character must conceal drawing weakness.Lucky us, theres some more room to squeeze in a couple more notes!Where in the world is your character most comfortable/safest/happiest?It may seem a little complicated and overwhelming, character but all the pieces are there that I've discussed (except for sound.