How to make a cat hat

Coordinating Color: 1 skein Sea Sprite.
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How to Make the Pete make the Cat Rhyming Hat, you will need the following materials to make your Pete the Cat Rhyming Hat.The cat face is embroidered on after crocheting is complete.Embellishments, embroidery and Needlework Basics, holiday Crafts Kids Crafts Knitting Needlepoint Painting Styles and Tips Paper Crafts Quilting Rubber Stamping Soap Making LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted.That you know your apples from your oranges.You spend hours of your precious time each week creating amazing lesson plans with make engaging themes and activities your kids will love.Pete the Cat Books, here make are ten Pete the Cat books your kids are sure to love!White craft foam, black permanent marker, step 1: make Cut two blue triangles for Petes ears and glue maker to the top of the visor.Top them with a heart-shaped nose cut out of pink construction paper.Roll them with the shiny side.Then, read a book with rhyming text and call attention to some of the rhymes heard in the story.Crafts Expert Advice and Tips, crafts Slideshows, crochet.Creative make Fun, have fun getting creative with the supplies you have around home or school. Step 5: Cut one white circle for Petes eyes, then make make cool cut the circle in half and glue to visor.
These are the things your make viewers will probably be interested.
First, make sure your students are familiar with the Pete the Cat character.
Fold the squared off minecraft end up and tape the feet to the inside of cool the cone.
You may find make that you block love this craft so much that you want to create a whole family of cats in different colors and sizes.
Wash hat according to care instructions on yarn label to remove markings if youve used a pen to draw a guide for the cat face.
Otherwise you risk filling your DIY broadcast with a vacuum of dead space and a whole lot of ums and ers.Why is the game awesome?Why wasn't this page useful?Now place the small end of the lampshade around the large circle that you drew.Groovy Cat Week, my super-talented partner in crime make friend.In this tutorial, we learn how to make a Victorian hat from a lampshade with Gwen.Cut two rounded eyes out of the blue construction paper, and then cut two long slits out of gray construction paper for the cat's pupils.You can give your cat even more personality by make trying a few different ideas: For a Halloween cat, paint all of your paper plates black before you begin.The Cat in the Hat.

Now, use your paint to paint different things onto your hat or paint it one solid color.
Use make googly eyes instead of blue paper to give your kitty a goofy look.