How to make a bottle rocket

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You can make a bottle make rocket that make will fly, if only for a short time, from a one-liter plastic bottle and a few household supplies.
Question Can I use a half-liter Coke bottle instead of a water make bottle?
Fill the inventor bottle so that the water is about 1/3rd of the way full.Creating a platform is an important but optional step that allows the rocket to fly instead of spinning on the Things You'll Need Straight pole Large make straw Tape Vinegar Baking soda Toilet paper Safety goggles Find a very straight stick or pole to use.If there are any gaps you should seal it with used gum or another malleable adhesive.Uploaded 2 years bottle ago Uploaded rocket 2 years ago Uploaded 4 years ago Uploaded 5 years ago Loading.For the vinegar, it's best to use the cheap, white distilled vinegar.To take the experiment to the next level, try attaching the soda bottle rocket to a toy car for a rocket powered car, sure to zoom across the driveway.Stick the pump directly into the water bottle.Don't waste the water for this experiment.At some point the bottle will fail if used too many times or if you have too much pressure built up and the cap or cork is not releasing.A fun afternoon project that results in getting to launch the thing bottle into the air, get started making and decorating your soda bottle Things You'll Need 6-foot section of 1/2-inch make PVC pipe make Hand saw 2 1/2-inch end PVC end caps Drill 1 valve stem.Many scientific concepts can be introduced through constructing this rocket: inertia, gravity, air resistance, Newton's law of motion, acceleration and more. Wrap the bike pump bottle with tape or until bottle it seems like it will be a tight fit into the mouth of make the bottle.
Remove label (if applicable) and discard.
What you need an empty proposal plastic bottle cardboard made rocket into a cone and 4 fins a cork a pump with a needle adaptor.
Yes, they're both plastic bottles of proposal the same approximate size.
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9, connect the pen.While these experiments are simple, they are best done outside under adult EasyInstructions Things You'll budget Need 2 empty soda proposal bottles (20-oz.We use make cookies to make wikiHow great.If you are interested in learning about air pressure, creating a rocket out of a soda bottle is the project for you.You are creating a fuel by each pump you send to rocket.You can find out more business about the Three Laws of Motion in my book, This Is Rocket Science which has lots make of activities to demonstrate all three laws based around rockets and space.It doesn't matter what brand you use.An additional bonus to this project is that the homemade bottle rocket is made out of recyclable Things You'll Need 2-liter soda bottle, pitcher, funnel, water, cork, air pump.Fill the bottle one quarter full of water and push the cork in tightly.If you did proposal this correctly, you should make have to really work make for the bike pump's hose to fit into the bottle.

For a larger rocket use a two-liter soda bottle.
Make sure everyone you are with is not standing nearby.
This will create the necessary tension required make for the rocket to fly.