How to make a bookshelf

how to make a bookshelf

Method 2 Cutting 1, choose the make right saw.
If you'd prefer to make a sleeker look, use veneer banding instead of make molding to cover the plywood edges.
Next, cut slots on the outside edges of the top board best to it sits lower make and more securely on the sides.Cut the strip into two 41" bookshelf pieces to make the two bookcase sides.Decide how tall make you bookshelf want the finished shelf unit with make to be and how wide.Secure bookshelf it, and the shelves if bearded you want, with the same glue bird and screws that you used for the base.Use a drill/driver fitted with a -inch spade bit make to bore a series of equally spaced holes in the template board.Measure and mark the area in your wall, where you are going to affix your shelf. If the flooring does not extend beyond the drywall you with will need to buckle shape some blocks to insert into make this space in the floor behind the drywall, to support the back of make the bookcase.
1, choose a make 3/4" plywood for the body and shelves of the bookshelf, and a 1/4" piece of plywood for the back.
Use saw horses or a roller table to also buckle provide support.
Decide if your bookshelf will have an open or a closed back.
You may want to miter the corners of the trim pieces; the finished look is up to you.
Apply the first coat and let it dry before paracord sanding with a fine grit sandpaper.Keep reading to learn how you could make the shelves adjustable!Submit Things You'll Need Saw Speed square to guide circular saw as you cut support pieces Tape measure Hammer Nail set Level Drill Utility knife 3/4" veneer plywood 1/4" plywood Pan-head pocket-hole screws Finish nails to attach with molding.How about make building a bookshelf all by yourself? .Mahogany, Teak, Walnut, Cherry: bracelet These specialty woods may require a special order.It doesnt really need a master carpenter to build a bookshelf.If you keep the back open, your books may lean on or touch the wall behind the bookshelf.Making a bookshelf can be rather time consuming, since youll need three books for each bookshelf.This is the method demonstrated in our project.You can also have your primer tinted to match buckle the color of your paint.We use cookies to make wikiHow great.Above in the Method 2 Cutting section, step 5 shows how to measure and drill for shelf support pegs.Dont spend a lot of time applying the finish by going over and over again.If you've chosen a more exotic wood for your bookshelf, you'll want to use a clear, polyurethane finish to highlight the natural beauty of the grain.