How to make a book cover in illustrator

how to make a book cover in illustrator

Tips Pockets can be added to illustrator book covers if wished.
Felt is a strong and durable fabric to use for a book cover.You dont need to pay hundreds meme or thousands of dollars for special design software to create a cover that will make people cover snap up copies of your book.Step 5 Return to the illustrator Layers panel and lock the Background make Color layer.Capture each side and fold in the stitching, as this is what keeps the slip pockets, or flaps, intact.Dont tape down the back cover yet.Next Steps Now that your covers finished, you might want to start thinking about how to typeset the inside pages of your book.Leave a small amount of felt above the stitching cover line, it's important not to trim too tank closely.6 Place the book on the felt.Make sure the image extends book across the whole of the silhouette.But the barcode files it gives are PDF or EPS, so Ill have to use my PDF to JPG converter again: Then Ill insert the JPG.Ill set it to Wrap make Text Behind Text again, then resize and position it to fill the front and line up with the dotted line of the spine.For the spine, I can just copy the text layers, rotate them 90degrees clockwise, and resize them to fit in the spine.99designs, this site can design not only your book cover, but illustrator also your author logo, character merchandise and anything else you can dream. Add a Bleed of 5 mm to make all edges of the printer page, before clicking.
Here Ive used the serif font Adobe Caslon Pro to make contrast illustrator against the sans-serif title.
Instead, print the file to PDF using a Word-to-PDF converter.
Choose Adobe PDF (Print) from the Format drop-down menu.
Then book make sure you line up the book so that the top and sounds bottom are flush with text your creases.
2 Choose the fabric.
Fold the right edge of the paper.
Createspace offers both options now.Read on to find hour out how.After you punch the holes, you need to the book.Ive tried to recreate the mood and theme of the book, with collage-style silhouettes of St hour Basils Cathedral in Moscowone filled with an image of floral-printed china, to represent peace and domesticity; and the other filled with a military-style map of Prussia, to represent war.If you want to decorate your fabric book cover, try fabric markers make or street paint instead.Canva This design software is make super popular with non-designers because it makes it easy to create professional-looking designs.The fusible interfacing will have a bumpy side, the side that attaches to the fabric, and a smooth side.The interfacing gets applied to the wrong side of the fabric, or underside to help form your fabric.The back of the book should be facing down onto the paper.Add in Typography Step 1 Create a new cmyk Process swatch, C3 M0 Y19 K0, and rename it Cream.