How to make a bearded axe

how to make a bearded axe

I was not sure it would work because of the depth and length of the cracks, but it was worth trying to fix.
I recommand you to always know what kind of metal make you are working bearded with and to r espect the specifications of each metal for the quench.Blacksmithing - Making bearded a small carving knife damascus 1000 layer challenge Making make A Viking Bearded Axe (Skeggox) From An Old Axe Making a Bushcraft Axe DIY build Making a custom bearded axe without a forge Making a viking style battle axe Blacksmithing - Forging.Copyright Kalif make Publishing, contact, copyright and Disclaimer - Let's Make Something - Storm make the Castle Publishing.Engraving the handle was very time consuming but in the end, it was totally worth.Be sure to align the head cutting edge and the handle properly.Making a Woodworking Marking Knife (x3 - Making It Podcast Homage) : m/watch? It should reach a light straw color.
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The fit must be tight.
The welding heated the head make enough to partially ruin the head hardness, so I decided to go through a full heat treating process.I almost gave up on bearded the restoration, but decided to make a Viking Bearded Axe out of it, cut the damaged parts and reshape.Don't forget share this videos to your friends, family, and the world.Either way it comes out graet and is double layered for strength.I applied the tracing paper on the handle making sure the lines previously drawn faced the wood.A dremel, a welder (depending on the condition of the axe you use).I tried to weld it, and fixed some of them, but one was on both side and couldn't be fixed just by welding.Time to make the handle.Be sure to always wear protective gears bearded for a quench.Wooden Giant Ant with Brass legs : m/watch?I took my time to keep the surface of the head as flat as possible but I soon discovered small and big cracks into the metal.It serves two purpose : 1) make be sure that even if the head get loose, it would not fall off the handle.