How to make a balaclava out of a shirt

This way, if you accidentally ruin the scissors, it shirt won't be such a big loss.
For a sturdier mask, you can back it with card stock before you decorate it with glitter glue, shirt feathers, or sequins.
I did the same shirt with the other elastic end and added a pin.
Click here to continue.(If your elastic is make pulling and stretching out as you sew, increase the stitch length a bit, so that it will skip over more balaclava fabric with more stitch.And the biggest reason they come in, is make because their face is cold. .This will look nice and stabalize this area.For a fancier mask, you can use items such as glitter glue or rhinestones. There are good ways to make any of the make above masks look metallic, though.
(TIP: Feel free adjust the pattern for size.
I created the paper make pattern to fit my 5 year old just right. .
Match the color of the ribbon to the decorations on your mask.
Cut the cloth into strips, then soak them to activate the plaster.
This will create the base of your mask.
And take the longest to turn back to normal flesh color.(TIP: Use tape to make the end of the cord more narrow and easier to thread through balaclava the cord stops.) (TIP: Cord stops come in all different shapes and sizes.The bulges caused by your eyes should be visible on the mask, but if they aren't, put the mask on, feel your eyes through the foil, then trace around them with a permanent marker.2, fold the paper in half, then draw half of your mask shape.The Inside Neck height can also be adjusted.It is time to prepare your elastic. .Fold the paper in half widthwise so that the shorter edges match.Tips Look at pictures of masks to get ideas.8 Paint or decorate the mask as desired.Alternately, you could wear a balaclava.Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson.(TIP: Use the inside neck seam as a guide.