How to make 3d hologram projector no glasses

how to make 3d hologram projector no glasses

Print out the hologram template shown below on a sheet of A4-size paper.
All you have make to projector do portrait now is play a hologram video in your phone. .
Try to make your cuts as precise as possible for a perfect pyramid.This project is as simple as it gets.So get off that couch and make!The DIY hologram pyramid pallet is a simple device that can be made by manipulating a sheet of plastic into the hologram shape of a pyramid with its top cut off.If you used the printout template: Score the red make edges very lightly using make a cutting blade.You can always double or triple the dimensions in proportion to use on a larger display.Have you wanted cloud to do a DIY project at home for a long time but have been procrastinating?Hackscribe to my channel page and visit my cool videos: make /1reKdMa, add me on Facebook (click like on Facebook to add me) /1lHLtqC, hologram videos:.We had a bit of fun with our pyramid, and you can see the pictures and video below!Add a Teacher Note to share how make you incorporated collage it into your lesson.Steps OF construction, take a transparent sheet and draw a trapezium with permanent marker whose parallel sides are 1 cm and 6 cm respectively and height.5. Thanks for watching, hackscribe and visit my other video projects.
For the trapezoid template, trace out four skirt similar outlines on the plastic sheet.
Ever wanted to with watch videos or see pictures in chloroform 3D without using glasses?
Who will know that from plastic cd case we can make mini 3d hologram generator and you with can watch 3d videos without glasses.
Join them temporarily side by side with their non parallel sides with the help of chloroform scotch tape.
M/user/cospesas/videos, free template: /rU8xI6, teachers!Stick the open edges of the sheet together using clear cellotape.Material required, to make this, we will need following material.How Does the 3D Hologram Pyramid Work?Draw four trapeziums in the similar manner.0.0 00 3D Hologram Projector is a make physical object that uses principles of reflection, refraction and diffraction to form circle a 3D image in mid air.Four minecraft symmetrically opposite variations of the same skirt image are projected onto make the four faces of the pyramid.Don't forget to switch off the lights in the room before you start playing the video.Then you can watch hologram projections from your phone and be amazed!Note: If you do not have access to a printer, you can also make a template on your own.You have made yourself a hologram pyramid!